Making the office environment pleasant to work in as well as keeping it professional means adding extras to make it this way. Uplighters provide extra lighting in spaces where it is needed both inside and outside, wall mounted and free standing.

With products from well known manufacturers you are guaranteed to be satisfied with whichever product you choose to purchase.

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Unilux Variaglass Frosted Glass Uplighter Fluorescent Circline Bulb 65W Black/Glass Ref 100340601 Unilux
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  • 65W fluorescent uplighter equipped with a dimmer in the middle of the post to vary intensity
  • Uses six times less electricity then a 300W halogen uplighter but is brighter
  • Fluorescent circline lasts eight times longer then a halogen bulb
  • Indirect and direct lighting thanks to its frosted glass bowl
  • Black and glass
  • Solid junctions
£114.61 ex. VAT
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